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Your specialist cleaning !





With Brille à Neuf,


Discover the key of success for all your needs of prices in a complet inside and outside residential, commercial and industrial cleaning.

With Brille à Neuf, we just have one objectif: find the same feeling that you had the first time you enter in your house. We are open, 24 hours on 24 hours, 7 days on 7 days. That it is inside of your house or outside of your commercial or industrial building. We are the reference of all your requirements in a perfect cleaning service. A competent team with a 5 stars service.The best of services. We do everything, wether it's a inside cleaning: (walls, molding, inside and outside kitchen cabinets cleaning, ceilings, windows, window frames, furnitures, photo frames, behind the fridge, behind the washer and dryer, fixtures, doors, etc), or the outside cleaning: (vinyl, soffit, gutters, windows). We brush the whole house by hand. We have a lot of contractors who rely on us and on our rapidity, our ponctuality and on our excellent work, so they can deliver their new constructions on time.  We are a respected team by all our customers due to our professionalism.


Your professional cleaning team near you!

We are your specialists in everything related to cleaning!

Whether it is: your walls and ceilings, your windows, your house exterior and etc ...

We are here for you!

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To obtain a free estimate

  *Make your house exterior with a good pressure wash and treat against spiders before winter !!


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    Turnkey service (construction, renovation, house moving)

    Spring cleaning , (Walls, molding, inside and outside kitchen cabinets, ceilings, windows, window   frames, fixtures, photo frames, behind the fridge, behind the washer and the dryer, fitures, doors, etc.)

    Truck-mount (carpets, furniture, padded)

    High quality exterior cleaning (vinyl, soffit, gutters,windows, WE BRUSH THE WHOLE               HOUSE BY HAND)

    Turnkey service (construction, renovation, move)

    Windows cleaning (windows frames cleaning and the windows go back to like new)

    Stripping and waxing floors

    Concierge service

Residential - Commercial - Industrial
décapage cirage de planchers
Ménage après construction
lavage plachers salles
Nettoyage complet extérieur
nettoyage planchers
Nettoyage intérieur garage
nettoyage de sofas
nettoyage extérieur
Lavage à pression
nettoyage de planchers
Lavage de tapis
équipe de nettoyage Brille à neuf
Brille à neuf
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